Enemy aircraft over Northern Ireland In January 1942

On 5th January 1942, Anti-Aircraft Fire caused injuries to two women in Northern Ireland as Gunners went into action against a marked enemy aircraft overhead.

On 5th January 1942, keen observers noted an enemy plane with well-defined markings in the skies over Ulster. The following day, the Londonderry Sentinel was one of several newspapers to carry the news. The short report included an official statement from the Ministry of Public Security and R.A.F. Headquarters, Northern Ireland:

There was slight enemy activity over Northern Ireland this afternoon. The air defenses went into action. No bombs were dropped, but reports have been received of two persons having been injured by shrapnel.

Media reports referred to “slight enemy activity” in the skies over Northern Ireland. No bombs fell, and the only injuries reported occurred when Anti-Aircraft Guns opened up. Witnesses noted the puffs of smoke from the guns and shrapnel caused injuries to Miss Bernadette Loughlin and Miss Beatrice Brown of Co. Fermanagh. Both injured parties received treatment in a nearby hospital. Staff noted Miss Loughlin’s condition as critical.

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