Belgian Army Headquarters in Northern Ireland

The Belgian Army Headquarters and Staff established a base at Kircassock House, Magheralin, Co. Armagh. They remained there until the winter of 1945.

Headquarters and Staff of the Belgian Army arrived in Northern Ireland to begin training between 23rd January 1945 and 4th February 1945. Created on 30th April 1945, they accompanied the first of the Belgian Infantry Brigades to arrive in Ulster.

Headquarters operated from Kircassock House, Magheralin, Co. Armagh. From there, the coordinated logistical, technical, administrative, and operational issues across the 5 Infantry Brigades in Northern Ireland. They also served as a point of contact between the Belgian Army and the United Kingdom Government.

The brigade remained in Northern Ireland until the winter of 1945. Between 22nd November 1945 and 1st December 1945, they left for Britain along with 6th (Deynze) Infantry Brigade. Soon they would return to Belgium and go on to serve in occupied Germany.




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