The Belfast Blitz: Aftermath of the Easter Raid

Following the Easter Raid of the Belfast Blitz in April 1941, the city awoke to scenes of death and destruction across much of the industrial north and east.

The immediate aftermath on 16th April 1941

On 16th April 1941, War Office photographer Lieutenant J.R. Bainbridge observed as elements of the British Army began rescue efforts and the clear up of rubble.

P.R.O.N.I. Photographs

A series of photos compiled by the Ministry of Public Security, held in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, show the devastation of the Easter Raid.

The A.R.P. Warden Book

An interesting artifact from the Belfast Blitz features in the collections of The Linen Hall. The A.R.P. Warden book contains hundreds of documents relating to search and rescue efforts, unexploded bombs, and dealing with casualties.

Belfast Blitz Mural in West Belfast

On Dover Place, a mural depicts the destruction on Percy Street, West Belfast where an air raid shelter took a hit during the Belfast Blitz in April 1941.

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