Belfast Blitz: Bombs on Bangor, Co. Down

During the Belfast Blitz of April 1941, Luftwaffe bombs fell on Bangor, Co. Down killing unsuspecting local residents of the seaside town in their homes.

As Luftwaffe planes attacked Northern Ireland's capital in The Easter Raid of The Belfast Blitz, Bangor, Co. Down sustained casualties and damages from 14 bombs dropped on the coastal town.

Some residents reinforced their windows with wooden panels and metal advertisement boards from railway stations. They pushed tables against walls and sheltered under them on mattresses.

At 40 Ashley Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down, members of the Grattan family took shelter in their home. Matilda Grattan aged 54 years old and her daughters Shelagh Grattan, 20 and Angeline Grattan, 18 died on 16th April 1941.

At 5 Hazeldene Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down, Margaret Byers Watt was the 4th victim of the raid. She was 60 years old. Robert Wright was 41 years old when he received fatal injuries at his home at 32 Baylands, Bangor, Co. Down. He died the following day in Bangor Hospital.

Shrapnel from bombs damaged homes at Ranfurly Avenue, Knockmore Park, and Farnham Road. The local golf club also sustained damage to the fairway and clubhouse. Outside of Belfast, Co. Antrim, other towns such as Derry/Londonderry, and Newtownards, Co. Down suffered at the hands of the Luftwaffe that Easter.