Balmoral Tigers v Thornton Wasps at King’s Hall, Belfast, Co. Antrim

7th March 2019

The King's Hall, Belfast, Co. Antrim "home" team Balmoral Tigers defeated Thornton Wasps 7-2 in the Northern Ireland Ice Hockey League on 9th March 1940.

9th March 1940

Balmoral Tigers scored an emphatic victory over the Thornton Wasps despite missing star player Archie Greer from the lineup. The game took place at the Tigers' rink at King's Hall, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Balmoral Tigers claimed a 7-2 win over their Northern Ireland Ice Hockey League Rivals Thornton Wasps. The “home” side was without the league’s standout player Archie Greer.

The game began with Thornton Wasps on the attack. The Tigers responded, however, with Ayres, Dickson, and Norwood scoring without reply. The Wasps trailed 3-0 at the break.

The enthusiastic crowd witnessed some interesting entertainment during the first interval.

A performance which looked like a cross-section of strip-tease act, a rugby match, and a custard pie slap-stick comedy was given during the interval by “Ulster’s Crazy Gang”.

The Northern Whig Newspaper – 11th March 1940

The Balmoral Tigers’ offence continued in the 2nd period with another 3 goals without answer. Goals came from Ayres, Dickson, and 14-year-old local boy Dom McIntyre.

Thornton Wasps made some changed to their lineup for the final period resulting in an early goal. Diplock netted his first for the Thornton and Co. Ltd. sponsored side. A consolation goal rewarded Johnson’s clever play after a 7th Tigers’ goal from Davis.

Team Lineups

Balmoral Tigers
Johnston, McLaughlin, Norwood, Ayres, Dickson, Kester, Monovitch, Ayre, McIntyre, Davis.

Thornton Wasps
J McCrea, G McCrea, Dickson, Nelson, Johnston, Diplock, Gibson, Malcolm, Walker, Brooks.

Arnold Brockman.

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