Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress #42-97862 crash at Cave Hill, Belfast

On 1st June 1944, Boeing B-17 #42-97862 en-route from Gander, Newfoundland crashed on the slopes of Cave Hill, Belfast killing 10 of the crew members onboard.

On 1st June 1944, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress #42-97862 crashed en route from Gander Bay, Newfoundland. The crew on board was in transfer from 401st Bomb Group to 306th Bomb Group at Nutts Corner Airfield, Co. Antrim. The B-17, however, crashed in heavy fog while waiting for clearance to land on the slopes of Cave Hill, Belfast.

All ten members of the United States Army Air Force crew died as a result of the incident. They were pilot Lester Bryan Brooks, co-pilot Jeremiah C. Murphy, navigator Joseph V. Nobilione, bombardier Leighton B. McKenzie, radio operator Lawrence E. Dundon, left waist gunner Howard A. Hibbler, rear waist gunner Edward Ewing McGill, top turret gunner Wilbur D. Brewer, ball turret gunner Robert L. Graves Jr., and tail gunner Lawrence R. McGrane.

All crew members were first buried at the Lisnabreeny American Military Cemetery on the outskirts of Belfast in 1944.

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