Vickers Wellington DV664 crash in Portballintrae, Co. Antrim

On 28th November 1943, Vickers Wellington DV664 dived into the sea at Portballintrae, Co. Antrim. The Mark IC bomber appeared to stall before crashing.

Vickers Wellington DV664 took off on 28th November 1943 on a non-operational bombing practise flight. The bomber came down at 1220hrs, around 100 yards north east of The Strand, Portballintrae, Co. Antrim.

Witnesses told how the plane from R.A.F. No. 7 Operational Training Unit bombed the target from a low height before turning starboard. At a height of around 200 feet above the sea, the bomber completed the turn before diving into the water off the Co. Antrim coast.

Remembering the crew of Wellington DV664

Last NameFirst Name(s)RankRoleInformation
KnightJohn BurtonFlying OfficerNavigatorRAF 132409.
WaitePhilFlying Officer1st PilotRAFVR 133073.
BennetGeoffrey AlbertSergeant2nd PilotRAFVR 1323266.
StoutCyril AlbertSergeantWireless Operator/Air GunnerRAFVR 1321728.
MarshallJames WilfredFlight SergeantWireless Operator/Air GunnerRAAF 409167.
WoodsLeslieFlight SergeantWireless Operator/Air GunnerRAAF 414859.

With high winds and stormy seas, little evidence remained to show what caused the crash. Thinking at the time was that the pilot stalled Vickers Wellington DV664 in completing the manoeuvre. None of the crew survived and because of the conditions at sea, several crew members have no known graves. The bodies of Flight Sergeant Woods and Sergeant Stout washed ashore.