Supermarine Spitfire EP280 crash at R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down

On 5th September 1943, R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down was the site of the crash of Spitfire EP280. The Polish pilot escaped alive but injured.

On 5th September 1943, Supermarine Spitfire EP280 PK-Y crash-landed at R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down. The Mark V fighter plane was on a training flight in the hands of a Polish fighter pilot.

The Spitfire experienced engine trouble on a training flight and the R.A.F. had the plane written off after the accident. Polish Air Force pilot Sergeant R. Sadowski of R.A.F. 315 (City of Deblin) Squadron escaped with some injuries.

RAF 315 Squadron in Northern Ireland

RAF 315 Squadron in Northern Ireland


13th November 2018

RAF 315 Squadron was a Polish fighter squadron that operated in offensive and defensive roles throughout World War Two including time in Northern Ireland.