Supermarine Spitfire BM531 crash en route to Belfast Docks

On 2nd September 1943, Polish Flight Sergeant Jerzy Malec escaped uninjured when Spitfire BM531 sustained damage en route to Belfast Docks.

On 2nd September 1943, Supermarine Spitfire BM531 PK-V sustained damage en route to Belfast Belfast. The Mark V fighter plane was on a transport ferry in the hands of a Polish Pilot. Flight Sergeant Jerzy Malec.

An incident took place on a transport ferry to Northern Ireland. This resulted in the Royal Air Force writing off the wreck of Supermarine Spitfire BM531 following the event. Flight Sergeant Jerzy Malec of the Polish Air Force flying in R.A.F. 315 Squadron returned to duty uninjured.