307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion in Northern Ireland

In November 1943, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion arrived in Northern Ireland finding themselves throughout the province in the run up to D-Day.

Bases in Northern Ireland

In the lead-up to the Normandy Invasion, many US Army units found themselves in Northern Ireland. 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion was a unit of black US soldiers scattered across Ulster from late 1943 to April 1944 when they prepared to ship out in advance of D-Day.

UnitLocationStart DateEnd Date
Headquarters and Headquarters DetachmentBallymena, Co. Antrim19th November 194312th March 1944
Company ABallygarvey, Co. Antrim23rd October 194327th November 1943
Company AHarryville, Ballymena, Co. Antrim27th November 19438th April 1944
2nd Platoon, Company ACastlewellan, Co. Down18th February 19448th April 1944
2nd Platoon, Company AMarkethill, Co. Armagh14th February 194418th April 1944
Company B (less 2nd Platoon)Finaghy, Co. Antrim7th November 19434th February 1944
2nd Platoon, Company BBallymoney, Co. Antrim7th November 19434th February 1944
Company BOmagh, Co. Tyrone4th February 19448th April 1944
Company CCastlewellan, Co. Down7th November 19438th April 1944
Company DOmagh, Co. Tyrone19th November 19434th February 1944
Company DFinaghy, Co. Antrim4th February 19448th April 1944

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